Modelleerimismass “Saracino” 5kg, valge


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Model figures, flowers and other decadent decorations with this White Saracino Modelling Paste.

The modelling paste differs in several ways from others on the market however it is its ease of use that is making it so popular.

The Saracino modelling paste is so durable that it can be rolled or moulded to a thickness of 1mm, meaning you can get more lifelike flower petals and leaves than ever before. Also, because you can roll it so thinly, it works great with cutters, making it more versatile as you can then use it for side-tier and top-tier embellishments – not just for sugar floristry purposes.

Due to the presence of cocoa butter, Saracino Modelling Paste is very useful when modelling 3D cake figures and toppers. It means that whilst the modelling paste hardens quickly, it does not dry out, so you can easily correct any mistakes and often have models made in record time!

The modelling paste is also extremely elastic, so you can bend and shape it as you desire, with minimal risk of tearing and cracking. Not only this but, once hardened, it easily maintains its shape, and tastes great!

Available in 250g, 1kg and 5kg